Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Every since Faith was born, I have enjoyed being behind a camera. I owned my first digital camera when she was born, a Kodak! If she blinked, I had a picture. Our computer crashed...and long heart breaking story later, I only have about 10-25 pictures of Faith under the age of 1. I was the mom, that did not miss a beat. When I lost all those, a piece of my heart left...really it did!! Jesus restored it, but I was sure heart broken for a long, long, looooooong time!!
After Lauren was born, I battled with taking pictures of her. I did not want Faith to look back one day, and think I loved one more than the other. But I did not want Lauren to have to miss out, just because Faith will.
Needless to say, I bought a rebel xt, and really enjoy it. I have had a copy of photoshop 7.0 and recently got photoshop C3. While I have owned these for sometime, it wasn't till recently that I am seeing just what can be done in PS.
There is this new found desire to want to know more, do more...
I have found some really neat websites, and am going to do all I can to read up and educate myself!

This blog is a that I hope I can ride for a long time!!
I hope it has ups and downs...and all the fun in between!

I think there is a little part of me that would like to do this on the side and see where it goes...first and foremost...I want to learn all I can....which means long nights and hours sitting in front of a Computer!!
But hey, its all good right?

Here is some of my work or shall I say a newbies work in progress.....
I just love this picture...upside down baby is Johnna, my neice...and then my oldest daughter Faith in the middle, next to my youngest, Audrey...I think the reason I like this so much is because this is so typically of all them! They all love Faith and she loves them...and they are all silly willy girls!!


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